✪Trying to Achieve Multiple Orgasms✪

Although only a small percentage of women are able to achieve multiple orgasms, they are still in a better position than men: the female body has at least the potential to experience such pleasure while the male physiology doesn't allow men to have multiple orgasms since they need a so-called refractory period after every climax. Admittedly, there are reported cases of multiple orgasms in men, but they are extremely rare, and looked upon rather as abnormality.

Sexologists and medical experts claim that every woman able to have an orgasm during sex is also able to achieve multiple ones. There are certain aspects to consider for a woman to reach several orgasms at a go. These factors include the following:

woman-orgasming1. Ensure that the body and the mind are present in the moment and are in synch with each other. In this case, and in pretty much anything in life, what is perceived is what is achieved. When a woman tends to have a limited expectation of her body, the body will respond accordingly. If a woman believes that she can have only a single orgasm, then her mind won’t let her have multiple ones even though her body might be capable. Hence, they need to believe that their bodies are capable of much more pleasure than just a single climax and not to give up after the first one.

2. Secondly, ensure that there is enough time for both you and your partner and make an effort to relax and feel no obligation. Sexologists say that a common misconception is that multiple orgasms happen by chance. However, they come as a result of self-confidence and mental readiness. Not only do you prepare yourself, also prepare your partner for this.

3. A healthy body ensures a proper action in all aspects of life including sex life. Eat healthy and exercise. It is imperative to know that there are special exercises known as kegel exercises which help a woman develop some extra abilities down there. This technique is intended to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and has several benefits including ones you can experience during sex.

4. Maximize your foreplay techniques and periods. Firstly, it is not a big secret that women need more time to get aroused than men. Secondly, there is a chance you can have multiple orgasms even during foreplay.

When it comes to the male orgasm, it is much less complicated than the female one. Men easily reach their orgasms, but then they need their refractory period (usually 20 to 60 minutes). Without this time, it is virtually impossible for a man to get aroused and achieve another orgasm.

For the refractory period to be shorter, the man’s testosterone levels have to be in tip top shape. Just like ladies, a man should reduce stress levels, eat healthy, and exercise.