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  • Innovative DNA-Based Sunscreen Shows Promising Properties

    As research claims, exposure to much sunlight causes more than 90% of skin cancer cases. This is the most common type of cancer worldwide, constituting roughly 40% of all cancer occurrences. Despite the availability of sunscreens, it has become even more prevalent over the last decades. Caucasians…

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  • Do the Political Views of your Doctor matter?

    Politics plays a role in almost every facet of human life whether we like it or not. Researchers have even concluded that political views influence common activities such as online dating and shopping patterns. However, the influence of politics in medicine doesn’t seem so distinct at a first glance…

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  • Prevention of PTSD is within Sight

    Scientists now have a drug that can prevent post-traumatic stress disorder commonly referred to as PTSD.

    This breakthrough is particularly helpful to people living in the United States because according to statistics Americans suffer from PTSD more than most other nations do. For example,…

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