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  • Contraception Myths – Do you Believe in them too?

    It is not always easy to separate the truth from the myths when it comes to contraception because there is too much information on this subject out there. However, a big part of it is not accurate, and this is one of the main reasons why close to 50 percent of women in the USA do not use any form…

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  • Trying to Achieve Multiple Orgasms

    Although only a small percentage of women are able to achieve multiple orgasms, they are still in a better position than men: the female body has at least the potential to experience such pleasure while the male physiology doesn't allow men to have multiple orgasms since they need a so-called refractory…

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  • How to Preserve a Healthy Erection

    Preventing a condition before it sets in is always a cheaper and more ideal practice. Most people, however, overlook this and go on with their daily activities not knowing of the dangers they are exposing themselves to. A good and healthy erection is, for example, very often taken for granted until…

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  • Misconceptions about Condoms Ability to Protect you from STDs

    Unfortunately, in our society many people have unprotected sex every day, and sometimes that results in people contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). A lot of young adults who are experimenting with sex are well aware that without a condom they may have an unexpected pregnancy. The scariest…

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