✪Cialis Reviews✪

“Taking this pill was a life-changing experience for me. I’d never experienced an erection so powerful before, so I was completely taken by surprised when I got that hard after the first pill. The drug is really incredibly effective.”



“Cialis wasn’t quite the advertised miracle for me. That is not to say it didn't work. The first pill didn’t do much, but after the second one my sexual life took a turn for the better, so I'm happy that I stuck with it.”



“I must admit that I'm really past my prime when it comes to sex. However, Cialis has allowed me to continue having a satisfactory love life, so I'm definitely grateful to my doctor for prescribing it to me.”



“At a certain point of my life I noticed I had bladder issues and wasn’t able to sustain an erection, even with hottest girls. My doctor said I had ED and BPH and put me on Cialis. My urination has greatly improved, but I’m still trying to get my confidence back sexually, so it’s hard to tell if and how well it’s working on that front.”



“I never had trouble producing an erection, but they were usually short-lived, didn't last long enough for my partners, and knowing that made me anxious. Since taking Cialis I have been able to control my erections and last longer, so I’m able to relax and satisfy both myself and my partner. It works.”



“I'm a young, healthy guy, but no matter how much I wanted a woman, my penis never seemed to get hard enough. Since I started taking Cialis, l have strong, hard and long-lasting erections that make me look like the stud I should have been all along.”



“I was never bad in bed, but sometimes my erections left something to be desired. I asked my doctor for help and now I take Cialis occasionally when I feel like I might need assistance. It works like a charm for me.”



“As it turned out, I’ve been suffering from BPH for over a year, but have only recently been diagnosed. My doctor prescribed Cialis on a trial basis, and it was a godsend. It isn’t all roses, but being able to empty my bladder completely as well as sleep deeply are two things that definitely make up for the price of this drug.”



“Cialis tends to leave me with slight headaches and a stiff back, but my erections are so good that my girlfriend is glad to undo the knots in my back afterwards. It’s totally worth it.”



“After I turned 40, my erections became noticeably flaccid, and I honestly thought I would never have a really hard erection again. Sometimes I couldn’t get stiffy at all although in my head I wanted sex. Upon the recommendation of my doctor, I tried a 10 mg Cialis pill prior to intercourse. Now my erections have been rock hard and long-lasting, so I’m pleasantly surprised.”



“I'm a man in my 50s and I got prescribed Cialis because I was losing some of my sex drive. The flushing was so bad the first time I took the pill that I got scared, but then the erections came hard and good. The flushing has since stopped, and I continue to take the pills every time I want to have good sex.”



“I took Cialis for ED while I was recovering from a traumatic relationship, and it really helped me get back on my feet. I stopped taking it a few months ago, but my sexual life is completely back to normal now.”



“I do get really hard with Cialis, but that ‘wood’ feeling is so unnatural to me that I barely take any pleasure from it. I took the standard dosage of 20 mg, and now I think it was a mistake. So next time I plan to try the 10 mg pill.”



“This drug is great, especially because you take it when you want to have sex and not the other way around, and it does work. It’s a shame it gives me a mild headache as a side effect though, but given those great erections, I’m ready to put up with it.”



“Surprisingly, Cialis is the only drug I’ve ever taken for BPH that didn't leave me with side effects and really solved my problems. I also noticed that it enhanced my erections — not that I had any problem in that department to begin with — which is a nice bonus.”